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Flash’s internal functions scuk!

yeah, it’s not a typo in the title, but it’s almost true!
Flash’s own functions and/or method are slow as I can say. I first noticed this while having a look at TweenLite’s easings.
Math.pow is slow. It’s faster doing x * x * x and so on – yeah really! Don’t believe me? Give it a try!
I assume this behaviour not only to sin, cos and other trigonometric functions (as already found out to be right by polygonal labs), but also to Flash’s own graphics-library.
So I’m on trip atm where I’ll do EVERYTHING myself. I’ve already done a small Bitmap-based Font-Engine, Textfields, unbelievable fast OBJ-Parser and a lot of more stuff… just wanted to let you know this :D (if anyone reads this at all – I dunno)

I also think about y everyone doing flash 3d on this planet, uses sin/cos and so on with radians, instead of creating a lookup-table “once”. horrific – it’s just that what’s done in code these days… ugly code! ever had a look at papervision, away3d, and some more google code project? blehyawk.
enough for know – have a nice day :)