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I’m happy to inform you about some news concerning molehill. However it’s not the news I wanted to provide. We are in the prerelease team of molehill for a few weeks now. When joining the team, we had to sign a contract that does not allow me to talk about molehill in details.
But don’t be frustrated – there’s not much more detail than Sebastian Marketsmueller provided in his talk at Adobe MAX. If you really want to code an engine with molehill, you may want to drop an email to Thibault Imbert and tell him about what you’re doing right now and why you should get access to the API.
You also won’t benefit from the news I might be able to give you, because Molehill is still in alpha and a lot of methods may change til the final release.
For using molehill I didn’t took our Alchemy-based engine “noob3D with BlackCat core”, but I rebuild it from scratch. Building the main part of the engine took me about two or three days and it does handle 3k objects with ease. But at this state of development, I haven’t implemented features like Frustum- and Octree-Culling yet, so this number will change.
You may want to study the Assembler-Codes, presented in Marketsmueller’s video on AdobeTV.
I’m sorry, but I’m not able to provide any further details on this.

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